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For Lisa

This post is for @nobleknits2 who stole a bunch of time from me when she suggested that I look at Geoguessr.  Well, Lisa, you know what they say about paybacks…

I re-ran into this site this morning and immediately dropped all productive work.  It’s called the Traveller IQ Challenge.

Presented with a challenge of a location or capital city or famous location and a countdown timer, the goal is to identify the location on a world map.  And that’s just the world challenge.  Test your knowledge of places by zeroing in on a continent or by photos or by flags and test your knowledge.

This is definitely a consumer of time – in a fun and educational way.

See you in a few months, Lisa!


2 responses to “For Lisa”

  1. Okay, Doug. You guys need to stop this! I don’t need any more game addictions. 🙂 Seriously, though, thanks for sharing this. My oldest son will love it.


    1. Blame it on Lisa! She started it.


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