Why #FollowFriday is so important (Post from the Past)

I had a private question about #FollowFriday yesterday.  Responding in 140 characters is a little difficult and I knew that I had written about it in the past.  So, I thought that I’d bring the post from June 4, 2010 forward.  My thoughts remain just the same today as they did back then.

(I had to smile at the second screen capture.  Two of the Twitter IDs mentioned there are different today.  Regardless of their handles, they are good people to follow!)


If you’re a Twitter user, you’ve got to be aware of #FollowFriday.  It’s the one day a week that you get a chance, along with the rest of the Twitterverse, to shout “Hey, this person is worth following”.  The typical reason why you’d want to do this is that they provide good, interesting content to you and when you take it to the next step, to others.  Another reason is to provide a shout to people of a similar interest or cause.

Today’s a Friday and I did my shouts.  I knew that I was going to create this blog entry so I did an extra one this week.


If you’re looking for a good challenge, these folks are excellent players and I swear @DoremiGirl knows every word ever invented and knows how to leverage them to pummel me into humiliation daily.  What’s great about them is that they’re regular players.  You can get half a dozen moves a day in playing with them unlike some of the one move a day types.  So, follow them – in addition to their wording ability, they are very interesting people that share great stuff.

Twitter is the gold mine for educational conversation.  If your life-long learning goal is to learn one thing a day, then follow an educator.  What to learn a lot?  Follow a lot of educators.  Want to know what’s going on in Ontario, follow an Ontario educator.


The problem at times is that some users are like some bloggers.  They have an account but don’t do anything with it.  However, there are those that do and I think that a shoutout for their efforts is worth it.  Each Friday, I like to acknowledge those educators in Ontario that have been active recently.  How do you get to be active?  I have a list of Ontario Educators that appears in my Seesmic Desktop client and I just run down the list.  If you want a shoutout, tweet something on a Thursday!  If you’re an Ontario educator and not on the list (which can be found here), just let me know.  I’d really like to follow you and add you to the list.  It’s my personal technique for recommending the best of the best in the province.

Above and beyond my own personal reasons, #FollowFriday really exemplifies the power that is in networking.  In no place like education do we feel a sense of isolation at times and need confirmation that we’re part of the bigger picture.  There is no better way of seeing that picture than to have friends to go along with you.  The best way to find them is on the recommendation of others.

6 thoughts on “Why #FollowFriday is so important (Post from the Past)

  1. Doug, I love this post of yours, and every time that I get a question about #FollowFriday, I direct them here. It’s funny that you reposted this blog, as reading the post the last time inspired me to religiously send out #FollowFriday mentions. And then something happened. I don’t know what. I guess that I got busy, and somehow my regular mentions fell by the wayside. I still send out the occasional #FollowFriday tweet, but no where near as much as I used to do. I think that I’m always afraid that I’m going to forget someone. Maybe my new strategy needs to be to retweet your #FollowFriday tweets each week. I’m going to have to work on a new strategy — your post has inspired me again! 🙂

    Thanks Doug!

    P.S. I’m one of the people with a new Twitter handle now. Kind of funny to look back and remember what it was like to be @Grade1. 🙂


    • Yep, you were one. Do you know the other one who changed personna? I know what you mean about missing somebody but hope that I’ll get them the next week. I did have someone and I’ll bet you know who complain that he got overlooked one week!


      • I think it was @baded. Am I right? I could eliminate some for sure, but then I needed to take a good guess. 🙂

        The fear of missing someone is definitely hard. You do a great job at organizing everything and remembering so many people week after week after week. I know that sometimes someone gets forgotten, but I don’t think that happens for long. As for the person you forgot that “complained,” I remember the tweet, so I definitely know who. Sounds like this doesn’t tend to become a real big problem though. I’m glad! Another reason for me to try again. 🙂



          • Yeah!! Glad I was right. It helps that the majority of people in this screenshot I interact regularly with on Twitter. This only left a couple for me to choose between, and I was pretty certain that I saw a different Twitter handle for him recently.



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