Science ASAP

Actually, the Tumblr site is called ASAP Science.

This was another site that passed my litmus test.  If it holds my attention, it’s worth bookmarking and sharing for future reference.

One of the powerful things about working the web is the power of visualization that’s available.  At this site, images, movies, animations all make the curated fare.

It’s a typical Tumblr blog – entries appear as they get posted so don’t look for easily categorized science facts.  Instead, the blog calls itself “Your Daily Dose of Awesome Science”.

If you’re like me and get engaged, you’ll just keep reading and reading and reading and …

ASAP Science has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook page if you’re looking for more focused content than just reading the Tumblr page.

Sometimes learning engagement just needs to be random!


2 thoughts on “Science ASAP

  1. I’m just checking out the AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel & I can’t wait to explore a bit more so that I can share it with my kids. Thanks for sharing, Doug!


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