My friend @GingerPatti recently sent me a message asking what I thought about Newsana.  My initial response was Huh?  Never heard of it.  But, I did head over to see what it was all about.

Is it another place to find and curate news stories?

Yes, but with an interesting twist.

First of all, you need to apply for an account.  That’s fair enough.  So, I did and waited and got the notification that my account had been activated and so off I went.

When you sign up, you indicate what kind of stories that you’re interested to read.  I skimmed up and down the list to find the sorts of things that interest me.  There were actually a couple of topics that I’d never considered but I do now.

Once the account is activated, You log in to read.  In that respect, it’s a private reading area but that’s OK.  Once logged in, you’re presented with the Top 5 Essential Stories.  These stories are pulled from your interests so that’s good.  But here’s the difference.  Typically, with social media you express your appreciation for content by sending a Twitter or other network message.  At Newsana, people will write a “pitch” to explain why the story is important.  It’s like an additional commentary on the news from their perspective.  If you agree, you can vote a story up the charts.  And, of course, you can send it out via social media message.

After all, what good is social reading if you’re not sharing.

Similarly, you can nominate and pitch your own stories.  If you do it with interesting stories and a good pitch, you just might collect enough support to get your content moved up.  Comments are always appreciated.


I had done that with a story myself.

So, back to @GingerPatti…it’s an interesting and novel concept.  I like what I see so far.  It will be interesting to see if the masses take the leap and get into interactive and social reading/sharing.  At this point in time, the content is pretty serious and well worth the visit.  I hope that it stays that way and grows.

5 thoughts on “Newsana

  1. Doug, thanks so much for digging into this one! Newsana does seem a bit like the “anti-Twitter” and more like a seriously curated Reddit. I found the concept interesting and even more so after the events of this week in Boston and how they were reported. It certainly sheds a light on what is news, or newsworthy, as well as the value of instant eyewitness accounts shared as they happen. What is journalism and how new should “news” be? A great media studies lesson in the making perhaps? Thanks again for your thoughtful sleuthing!


  2. “Thoughtful sleuthing” – yup, that’s why I like your stuff – nice way to put it, @gingerpatti. Will be off to check this out. I’m always looking for ways to convince people to take up reading on-line, and sharing what they read.


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