This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Once again, there was some great sharing from Ontario Educators this week.  Some of what caught my eye…

Redacted, Frozen, Blocked, — and Saved
Andy Forgrave’s latest post brought a smile to me.  It was on the heels of a move in What’s the Phrase in a game with @tgianno.  She absolutely kills me in word games and the new game features the category “First World Problem”.  Fortunately, I won one round.  The answer was “Have to Change Password Again”.

Well, it seems to me that Andy’s run full steam into his own share of first world problems in the activities described in his latest post.

These things are the things that we bump our heads on regularly as we live in an online world.  Somehow, Andy’s post made me feel pretty good knowing that I’m not the only one!

Pause the World Daddy…I Have to Pee!

This is the sort of title for a post that I know that @Noeline would love.  It immediately catches one’s attention and you just have to drop everything and see what Stephen Hurley’s up to this time.

Stephen often talks about having children a little later in life that the rest of us.  In this case, I think that he’s able to pass along some wisdom to his son Luke that I wasn’t.

For me, there was no pause button.  Particularly in the spring, it was up and at ’em, drop the kids off at school and child care, go to work, run a workshop from 4-6, rush to a baseball diamond to hopefully catch up with my wife and kids.  If it was a “good night”, there was only one child playing baseball.  On a rushed night, one of us would go to one place and the other to another place.  The third forgotten, by her words, child would be tagged along to one or the other.  Then, it was home to baths and beds anywhere from 8:30-9:00.  And, finally some dinner and an opportunity to get caught up on each other’s day.  Pause wasn’t an option, it seems.

Hats off to Stephen that he’s being able to have the discussion about pausing a busy life.  For all of us, we know that things aren’t getting slower.

Hello (NapoWriMo #17) and Position of Responsibility
I normally feature teacher posts in the Friday Ontario Edublog posts and today I question that.  Why not a student post?  I’ve been following @bgrasley’s blog and TheBookyBunHead‘s blog as they attempt to deal with a month of poetry.  Both of them constantly amaze me with their insights and their ability to keep it up.

Two of their recent offerings showed some very inspirational things for me.

“Hello” includes an image and a quote before the poem.  The quote is awesome and should be posted everywhere that there are eyes to read.  In particular, any discussion on character.

“The only person you should try to be better than… is the person you were yesterday.”

Love it!

“Responsibility” kinds of ties so many things together.

“Should I lead?”

So many people opt for the easy way out and say “No”.

Highlight From Our Geometry Focus
There were two things that stood out in Marcie Martel’s latest post.

First there are some wonderful pictures showing the activities that her Grade One class enjoyed as they played, discovered, and learned all about geometry.

You can just visualize the classroom abuzz with activities as the students enjoyed the various areas for exploration.

I don’t care who you are.  You’ve got to appreciate hula hoops for a Venn diagram…

The second thing doesn’t seem to be planned and it deals with connectivity…a second grade class from Michigan happens along to comment on the blog post and the activities.  They’re studying the same thing.

Does it get much better than that?

Please take the time to read and enjoy the posts above and all of the good things coming from Ontario Educators.



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