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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Friday posts are my most favourite.  I like to take some time to honour some of the spectacular blog entries from the great collection of Ontario Edubloggers.  Please click through and support these folks.

The Impact of Culture on Feedback

I thought that this post from Royan Lee was one of the more important ones that I’d read in a while.  In the post, he explores just what feedback means.

This one needs to be shared far and wide.

He inspired a couple of blog entries from me on the topic.

Third From the Top


Meant to be?

I followed a tip for a blog post from the WordPress inspiration post and ended up at Royan’s post.  In the first of the entries, he made me reflect upon the evolving nature of formal (read that as report cards) feedback.

Hot and Sour Soup

It was a comment on that post that led me to the second.

I think that it’s great that we allow ourselves to tinker and think about so many things when it comes to feedback.  It would be so easy to just take the handbook and do what you’re told to do.  I included a dialogue between two Ontario educators about the paperless classroom as an example of the professional discourse that we are fortunate enough to see, if we’re connected.

It also reinforces the sorrow that one feels for those who elect not to get online and participate.

The Science of Passion-Based Learning

Writing an article for the PLPNetwork, one of Ontario’s treasures when it comes to educational thinking, Peter Skillen takes on some research and his thinking about passion-based learning.  He makes the argument that passion based goes beyond simple engagement.

He deals with the devil – memorization as a baseline for the discussion.

His post caused me to think about my own experiences.  This time, it was about the computer programs I’d written over the years.  At university, it wasn’t uncommon to nap in the evening and then head over to the computer centre for the middle of the night programming.  That was, for me, engagement.  (and the reality that the mainframes were much more responsive then).

But, passion appears when I would work all day, wolf down some sort of supper and then program and debug (admittedly more debugging than programming) all evening and then all night.  Yes, I was engaged, but it was the passion for the project that kept me at it.

In this post, I think that Peter really nails it.  Kudos, bud.

Persistence Pays Off….

They never had pottery in art class when I went to school.  But, if you were attending Nipigon-Red Rock District High School, you’d get an opportunity to be creative in this field apparently.

A recent post indicates that there’s more than just that.  Students had to experience what it was like to be a real potter and reclaim their own materials.  This post includes a nice collection of photos showing the process the students followed.  Wow!

Commander Hadfield Saw Us!

And, if that wasn’t enough, how about some out of this world experiences for the students!  They created a video and sent a Twitter message to Chris Hadfield in the International Space Station where he watched it and tweeted back!

The experience is captured forever in this post.  Also check out the reference to principal Donna Fry’s explanation about their involvement with the project.  Again, wow!

Please check out these posts at the links above.  You can check out the rest of the great things coming from the keyboards of Ontario Educators here.

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