I have four or five watches that are stored in a box in the bedroom.  I can’t remember the last time that I wore any of them.

In my day to day routine, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need a watch.

If I’m in a vehicle, there’s a clock on the dashboard.

If I’m shopping, I can actually name the location of the clock at the local grocery store or the mall.

If I’m waiting for an appointment and not in the car or any of the above places, I can just pull out my smartphone and see the time there.  I can use it as a countdown clock and an alarm clock.

If I’m out walking the dog, the mp3 player has a clock in it in case he’s curious.

It’s just that I don’t currently need a watch.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of watches.  A couple that you could wind, one that ran on battery, a Rolex, and a couple that wound themselves by your arm movement.  Yes, in the middle, I did say I had a Rolex.  I bought it on the streets of New York for $10.  Oddly, the paint didn’t hold up – I think I was taken.

It wasn’t always that way.  When I was younger, in my mind, without a doubt the coolest person with the coolest gadget was Dick Tracy with his two way radio wrist watch.

So now, there’s word that a smartwatch is next on the technology horizon.

Who are the players?

and undoubtedly others.  None of the players have made a big splash yet with marketing and product that’s available at my friendly technology store.  I’m relegated to reading about what might come along. 

Looking at the features:

  • Clock (got that covered above)
  • Apps (got that covered with my smartphone)
  • Music (got that covered with my mp3 player)

Why would I want one then?

The way I’m thinking at this moment, I probably wouldn’t.  It would just be something else to make sure it’s charged, synched, updated, and needs debugging periodically. 

I know that there will be the early adopters.  The folks who bought a MacBook Pro to replace their MacBook because it was "Pro" and then replaced that with a MacBook Air because it was "airy" will be there to grab the first release of the products.

To make me go back to wearing a watch, this new piece of technology needs to make a huge dent in the way that I do things.  It would have to have features akin to what made Dick Tracy such a success. 

What about you?  Will you buy a smartwatch when it becomes available?  What features or functionality do you see one having that makes it a necessary purchase?

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  1. Right now for running I have a watch and a chest strap that measures my heart rate, and it doesn’t sync up with my phone or anything. Perhaps it’s already out there (I haven’t looked), but if a watch could measure some biological data and transmit them directly to my phone without other gear to strap on/plug in, that would be worth something. It should tell time, but that would no longer be its primary function, so maybe “watch” wouldn’t be the right term….


  2. So glad to see I’m not the only one having this conversation with myself. In my job, I have to know what time it is (elementary rotary teacher with no bells between periods). My Smart board is my most common timekeeper along with my phone or iPad. Think my own kids might go for it, at some point down the road.


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