Student Blogging with Passion

I find it a real thrill to discover something new that really excites me. I think that’s part of the reason why I enjoy browsing through Zite and Rockmelt on a daily basis. You never know what will turn up.

Another source of new reading comes just from monitoring my own blog. I look at comments but I also get a notification when someone happens along and just “likes” a blog post. “thebookybunhead” has dropped by and liked a couple of posts in the past and I’ve headed over to her blog to see her writing.

What I’ve discovered there is really interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I’ve added the blog to my News Squares to keep an eye on her writing. According to her “About Me” page, she’s a high school student in Toronto who enjoys books and ballet. This morning, she happened to visit my blog and liked my post about Meteorites. WordPress was kind enough to let me know and suggested some of her recent posts that are “worth seeing”

I was intrigued by the “5 reasons to be a cell phone cynic” so off I went to read the post. As with the rest of the blog, the post was thoughtful and written in such a way that I really was drawn into her mindset.

Now, I own a cell phone. I found it interesting that a teenager would not – walk by any high school and you’ll see that it’s a mandatory accessory these days – and as I read her reasons why, I started to feel just a little guilty. She absolutely nailed her five points. From interpersonal reasons to the fact that a “plan” is key, the post made so much sense.

I spent some time reading many of her other posts. I sometimes fall into the trap of skimming RSS feeds and not reading full posts at times and I’m sorry that I did in this case. Here is a young lady who is so eloquently blogging about her passions. I’ll tell everyone in education right now – if you’re wondering if a student can blog well and communicate exactly their passions, you need to look at and share this one.

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2 responses to “Student Blogging with Passion”

  1. thebookybunhead Avatar

    I was browsing through my blog stats and saw several referrals from your site; of course, I clicked on the link and I found this post. Wow, I truly am speechless from this surprise. I’m humbled that my writing is appreciated by someone as yourself and am very grateful for your encouraging words. With utmost sincerity, thank you.


    1. dougpete Avatar

      Your blog has become a favourite read of mine and I just had to share my thoughts. Keep up the great work.


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