I have this rule.  If I spend an inordinate amount of time on a website, it’s worth bookmarking or sharing or blogging or at least something so that I don’t lose track of it.

That was the case with “meteoritessize“.

The site claims to be a mapping of every meteorite that has ever fallen to earth.

It’s an interesting claim.  However, if it claimed to be a mapping of every meteorite that fell to earth that people reported, I’d go for that!

Regardless, I just found myself mesmerized with this.  The map is zoomable in and out.  Of course, I did what every normal person would do — I zoomed in to my backyard where we’re free and clear.  The closest hit was either in Dresden (in 1939)

or Worden in Michigan.  Whew!

It was interesting to motor around the world, zooming in and out.  It didn’t seem to be a surprise that the highly reported areas were also highly populated.  With stories like the meteor that hit in Russia in the news recently, this is a natural resource for inquiry and inspiration for research and learning.

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