Stay on Top of #ECOO13 Updates

With a recent post, “It’s Official Now”, the countdown is on to the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s 2013 Conference.  The conference committee will do its best to keep information and news out in the open so that everyone can share in the excitement.  Of course, information should be available through traditional sources like the ECOO website but look also to….

The Conference Website


But, there are ways to be more interactive with others headed to Niagara Falls.

Facebook Group


Google Plus Event


On Twitter – @ecooWeb


Lanyrd for the program –


And, look for group sourcing ideas….


I really like Peter’s concept.  Instead of sitting back and passively taking the program as it gets presented, why not be vocal and see if there’s someone who’s sitting on a great idea and just needs a little push to put forth a proposal.

Me?  A couple of ideas come to mind.  Is anyone using Linux with students?  I’d love to hear your story and see what applications you’re using and how you’re doing it.  Or, are you one of the fortunate ones who has a 3D printer?  What are you doing with it?  The computer scientist in me is always interested in cool ideas with Scratch, Alice, Visual Basic, Python, Turing, …  Social Media to do new things in the classroom would be great.  Or, how about using infographics with students?

There’s lots of great ideas.

And, you won’t miss a beat by staying tuned to your favourite social network!

Don’t forget the hashtag #ecoo13.  The easiest way to stay on top is through Tagboard.

Tagboard –


The Call for Proposals is now open.  If you’ve got an idea, why now share it with fellow educators?

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