Better Management of Hashtags

Have you ever tried to follow a hashtag discussion and just get so frustrated?  They come in dribs and drabs and you’ve probably done a search for your hashtag and are following the search results.  Or, perhaps you have just joined looking for a discussion only to find yourself in the middle of things.  How do you get caught up?  Easily, please.

Tagboard to the rescue.

It’s Oscar night as I write this post.  We’re watching the “Countdown to the Oscars” and you just know that the world is tweeting their hearts out with predictions and critiques of outfits.  You’ll want to follow the hashtag “#Oscars”.  Tagboard is just about the best way to do it.

It’s as simple as going to the Tagboard home page and entering the hashtag.  Voila!

Your screen is filled with the latest content featuring that hashtag.  You have the option of searching a number of social networks (or them all).  For me, I like the idea of filtering just the content from Twitter.  There’s a refresh button in the top left to go out and grab more.  And, you’ve got to believe on Oscar night there was plenty of “more”.

Of course, what is any interaction with Twitter without giving you access to the tools.  Reply, retweet, and favourite as you see fit.  All of this is done without even logging in.  Logging provides extra functionality like creating and sharing your own boards.

Want things quicker?  Install the Safari or Google Chrome extension and send your search to Tagboard directly from your address box.

This is a terrific tool if you’re looking for an easy way to handle hashtags.  Give it a shot!

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  1. Sounds like a cool tool, but I’m wondering: how is this better than following a hashtag in a column, say, on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite? I’d rather not add more tools if I don’t have to, but if the column searches for hashtags aren’t getting me all the results, then I will do so.


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