Images from Commander Hadfield

  1. Eye of the Storm – Tropical Cyclone Haruna, today over Madagascar, with Canadarm2 pointing at the eye.
  2. The UK south coast crystal clear at night, centered on Brighton.
  3. Arid fingers of sand-blasted rock look like they’re barely holding on against the hot Saharan wind.
  4. Tonight’s finale: Clouds and cosmos over the Indian Ocean.
  5. Winnipeg in the night, with the Trans-Canada Highway left-to-right and the Red River south-to-north.
  6. This green Aussie lake somehow reminds me of a haggis.
  7. Beijing – Tiananmen Square still bright with echoes of the Chinese New Year celebrations.
  8. Tonight’s Finale: The truly surreal is when humans imitate nature – Palm Islands and The World, Dubai, at dusk.
  9. From over the southern tip of S. America, I looked south and saw Antarctica, there in the sea and cloud. Tantalizing.
  10. Space Station over Toronto, lovely time lapse photo taken by friend Andrew Yee on 13 Feb.
  11. The city of Porto and the Portuguese coast, taken with our ESA NightPod tracking mount.
  12. Tonight’s Finale: The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home.
  13. Budapest, Hungary – and a huge hello from space to the Töröks, family of my beloved daughter-in-law.
  14. Mars is a very interesting planet, with its rugged, ancient surface. But this is Earth.
  15. King George’s Sound, Australia. Charles Darwin got off the Beagle and hosted a dance here in February, 1836.
  16. Tá Éire fíorálainn! Land of green hills and dark beer. With capital Dublin glowing in the Irish night.
  17. Grand Rapids, MI, with the lights on, as-seen from 300 miles up.
  18. Tonight’s Finale: There is an undeniable beauty in human imagination. What do you see in this Saharan cloud?
  19. Dragon skin. A bad place to take a walk, near the Horn of Africa.
  20. Maracaibo, Venezuela. The bridge to Cabimas clearly visible across the Lake. I lived here as an toddler.
  21. Tonight’s finale: Brussels gleams like a lace jewel. Amazingly clear, finely veined surrounding roads and towns.
  22. Malta and Gozo, glowing in the Mediterranean under a halo of cloud on their hills.
  23. Montreal and surroundings – a fine mosaic of 8 photos, thanks to friend Andrew Yee.
  24. Mama Iceberg and her litter of baby ice cubes, slowly melting into the South Atlantic Ocean.
  25. Tonight’s finale:You hear all about the man in the moon, but what about the man in Patagonia?
  26. Clear skies at last, from Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh to London, to the northern lights, and beyond.
  27. Havana, Cuba, famed island port, glowing in the night on the Straits of Florida.
  28. Porto Alegre in southern Brazil, on the excellently named Lagoon of the Ducks.
  29. Grand Cayman at night, you can almost see the undersea cliffs.
  30. Tonight’s Finale: The clouds are quickly fleeting, but the heart continues beating. #ValentineFromSpace
  31. The world could only make one heart as perfect as yours. #ValentineFromSpace
  32. All the grains of sand in all the deserts can’t compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace
  33. You’re the island on the horizon when my heart is out to sea. #ValentineFromSpace
  34. The world could only make one heart as perfect as yours. #ValentineFromSpace
  35. All the grains of sand in all the deserts can’t compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace
  36. Seven billion hearts, but I can see only one. #ValentineFromSpace
  37. Without you my heart is a lonely iceberg. #ValentineFromSpace
  38. Tonight’s finale: The Sun just over the horizon silhouettes the complexities of our atmosphere.
  39. The busy Saudi port city of Dhahran, and the bridge to Bahrain. An incredible sea of humanity, as-seen from space.
  40. Center-pivot irrigation farms mining an ancient reef of deep water.
  41. Look to the horizon to see how thin Earth’s atmosphere truly is.
  42. Wide angle look at the Southern UK – despite the blur from clouds you can make out many cities and the overall shape.
  43. Lyon, France, glowing under a touch of February cloud.
  44. The Caribbean and the ISS sharing an evening yesterday – wonderful and peaceful end to the day
  45. Tonight’s (Fat Tuesday) Finale: Even on the Space Station we’re ready for Mardi Gras!
  46. The Outback is full of scary faces, staring up in forbidding horror.
  47. Tonight’s finale: Northern Lights – recent aurora in green and red waves, USA and Canada below, the universe above.
  48. Les lumières de Bordeaux, et tout le chemin vers les côtes de France. The lights of Bordeaux to the French coast.
  49. Mysterious Pyongyang, just at the edge of my night camera’s field of view.

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