Just Rambling

Images from Commander Hadfield

  1. Eye of the Storm – Tropical Cyclone Haruna, today over Madagascar, with Canadarm2 pointing at the eye. http://pic.twitter.com/zYSQtj54LI
  2. The UK south coast crystal clear at night, centered on Brighton. http://pic.twitter.com/HUpay08chl
  3. Arid fingers of sand-blasted rock look like they’re barely holding on against the hot Saharan wind. http://pic.twitter.com/CKRpDKy8
  4. Tonight’s finale: Clouds and cosmos over the Indian Ocean. http://pic.twitter.com/LeFxbrSAQi
  5. Winnipeg in the night, with the Trans-Canada Highway left-to-right and the Red River south-to-north. http://pic.twitter.com/9ZvYtPylJH
  6. This green Aussie lake somehow reminds me of a haggis. http://pic.twitter.com/S8WOVQHs
  7. Beijing – Tiananmen Square still bright with echoes of the Chinese New Year celebrations. http://pic.twitter.com/PNcgo6Mn
  8. Tonight’s Finale: The truly surreal is when humans imitate nature – Palm Islands and The World, Dubai, at dusk. http://pic.twitter.com/QM7a8sfC
  9. From over the southern tip of S. America, I looked south and saw Antarctica, there in the sea and cloud. Tantalizing. http://pic.twitter.com/9EfV9vWD
  10. Space Station over Toronto, lovely time lapse photo taken by friend Andrew Yee on 13 Feb. http://pic.twitter.com/lYWLWttS
  11. The city of Porto and the Portuguese coast, taken with our ESA NightPod tracking mount. http://pic.twitter.com/9NlGRlDE
  12. Tonight’s Finale: The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home. http://pic.twitter.com/JWb4cbyc
  13. Budapest, Hungary – and a huge hello from space to the Töröks, family of my beloved daughter-in-law. http://pic.twitter.com/A6RZedGi
  14. Mars is a very interesting planet, with its rugged, ancient surface. But this is Earth. http://pic.twitter.com/YC2h07tL
  15. King George’s Sound, Australia. Charles Darwin got off the Beagle and hosted a dance here in February, 1836. http://pic.twitter.com/eoezVMnt
  16. Tá Éire fíorálainn! Land of green hills and dark beer. With capital Dublin glowing in the Irish night. http://pic.twitter.com/djLZhn3f
  17. Grand Rapids, MI, with the lights on, as-seen from 300 miles up. http://pic.twitter.com/8PVoM3JR
  18. Tonight’s Finale: There is an undeniable beauty in human imagination. What do you see in this Saharan cloud? http://pic.twitter.com/GJH8p8fJ
  19. Dragon skin. A bad place to take a walk, near the Horn of Africa. http://pic.twitter.com/IX387JDj
  20. Maracaibo, Venezuela. The bridge to Cabimas clearly visible across the Lake. I lived here as an toddler. http://pic.twitter.com/gChQoANc
  21. Tonight’s finale: Brussels gleams like a lace jewel. Amazingly clear, finely veined surrounding roads and towns. http://pic.twitter.com/sGMd7rcq
  22. Malta and Gozo, glowing in the Mediterranean under a halo of cloud on their hills. http://pic.twitter.com/LX0dC7Qn
  23. Montreal and surroundings – a fine mosaic of 8 photos, thanks to friend Andrew Yee. http://pic.twitter.com/V0SwS0pA
  24. Mama Iceberg and her litter of baby ice cubes, slowly melting into the South Atlantic Ocean. http://pic.twitter.com/ouHRIkHQ
  25. Tonight’s finale:You hear all about the man in the moon, but what about the man in Patagonia? http://pic.twitter.com/lwEnvVIt
  26. Clear skies at last, from Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh to London, to the northern lights, and beyond. http://pic.twitter.com/gW4LDVfk
  27. Havana, Cuba, famed island port, glowing in the night on the Straits of Florida. http://pic.twitter.com/C4wDf2yl
  28. Porto Alegre in southern Brazil, on the excellently named Lagoon of the Ducks. http://pic.twitter.com/A5LJzbiY
  29. Grand Cayman at night, you can almost see the undersea cliffs. http://pic.twitter.com/wt9HRPOt
  30. Tonight’s Finale: The clouds are quickly fleeting, but the heart continues beating. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/jlvkxaZV
  31. The world could only make one heart as perfect as yours. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/wmoSvHSr
  32. All the grains of sand in all the deserts can’t compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/CSsS43U7
  33. You’re the island on the horizon when my heart is out to sea. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/iSgCh5gA
  34. The world could only make one heart as perfect as yours. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/wmoSvHSr
  35. All the grains of sand in all the deserts can’t compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/CSsS43U7
  36. Seven billion hearts, but I can see only one. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/01Lvmkig
  37. Without you my heart is a lonely iceberg. #ValentineFromSpace http://pic.twitter.com/PSPJCfGk
  38. Tonight’s finale: The Sun just over the horizon silhouettes the complexities of our atmosphere. http://pic.twitter.com/HueNtJGQ
  39. The busy Saudi port city of Dhahran, and the bridge to Bahrain. An incredible sea of humanity, as-seen from space. http://pic.twitter.com/M26F9a5C
  40. Center-pivot irrigation farms mining an ancient reef of deep water. http://pic.twitter.com/CgBIa4nU
  41. Look to the horizon to see how thin Earth’s atmosphere truly is. http://pic.twitter.com/fjdezaS1
  42. Wide angle look at the Southern UK – despite the blur from clouds you can make out many cities and the overall shape. http://pic.twitter.com/IrIEpEva
  43. Lyon, France, glowing under a touch of February cloud. http://pic.twitter.com/rwv2T0cG
  44. The Caribbean and the ISS sharing an evening yesterday – wonderful and peaceful end to the day http://pic.twitter.com/688pdeSh
  45. Tonight’s (Fat Tuesday) Finale: Even on the Space Station we’re ready for Mardi Gras! http://pic.twitter.com/FdpiM2V7
  46. The Outback is full of scary faces, staring up in forbidding horror. http://pic.twitter.com/IBTDosRd
  47. Tonight’s finale: Northern Lights – recent aurora in green and red waves, USA and Canada below, the universe above. http://pic.twitter.com/sgi9q0kT
  48. Les lumières de Bordeaux, et tout le chemin vers les côtes de France. The lights of Bordeaux to the French coast. http://pic.twitter.com/rJSST92c
  49. Mysterious Pyongyang, just at the edge of my night camera’s field of view. http://pic.twitter.com/8VoNURXy

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