From the ISS

Unless you’ve been out of touch with media (all sorts), it’s pretty difficult to ignore the fact that Canadian Chris Hadfield is aboard the International Space Station.  From communication with William Shatner

to jamming with the Barenaked Ladies

Chris Hadfield, Barenaked Ladies song from space premieres,

to a Reddit session, to a Google Hangout, to the images, oh the images from space, he’s everywhere.

I would see the images pop up every now and again and really enjoyed taking a look at them.  But just like your first experience with Google Earth, interest goes over the top when it’s your back yard.  This image of Windsor, Tecumseh and Detroit really took some time to look, understand, and enjoy.

After enjoying even more of the images, it struck me that I had no permanent record of them.  So, I decided to put together a Storify document with all of the images that I could find.  I didn’t figure it would be that difficult.  Hah!

I started on the computer and did a search for @Cmdr_Hadfield.  What a dumb move.  Yes, it got me his Twitter messages but also every retweet ever made!  You’ve got to believe that there are hundreds of them.  So, I decided to search just for his Twitter name.  For some reason, nothing was found.  I searched for myself knowing that there should be content there.  Nothing.

As it happens, there was an update to the Storify app on the iPad so I grabbed it.  Lo and behold, I was able to start to assemble a wonderful Storify of those images.  Not only are the images there, but Storify does a terrific job of maintaining the original message that went with the image.  And, you can retweet these or mark them as favourites.

My needs may be than the marriage of Twitter and Storify could handle.  I was only able to go back about two weeks and yet, I was still able to assemble a nice collections of the images.  You can find them here.

I’m so happy that I was able to cobble together what I can.  It was a great opportunity to use Storify again and now I have at least a subset of what has been shared from the International Space Station, including an image of the Canadarm.  These are such incredible images – thanks @Cmdr_Hadfield.  A job very wel done.

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  1. thanks so much, Doug. You know, the engagement in the room when I put Chris’ name on the outline for the day (we watch a video, and then talk, in French, about what we saw), is pretty incredible. I’m teaching the Music Monday song to the classes I do music with, and we’re trying to figure out it we can get some of the kids up on the roof to sing it in May (their idea – they figure they’d be closer to the ISS that way. He has really permeated my own kids’ reality. The other day, we saw a play about the Springhill mining disaster, and my youngest said, “you know, the miners being alone underground, is kind of like Chris Hadfield being up on the space station”. Love the connections. The Windsor/Detroit picture was a favourite of mine, too.

    Thanks for the Storify idea – might steal that.


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