This is not a serious post.  If you’re looking for one, pass, and find another post to read.

Last night, I was watching the Grammy Awards and watching LL Cool J doing his “hashtag”, “hashtag”, “hashtag” thing and it reminded me that I hadn’t checked the permissions I’d given other applications to my Twitter account for a while.  Why the connection?  I haven’t a clue.

So, it was off to log onto Twitter and, from the gear menu, I chose Settings.  I’ll confess to a weakness here – whenever I see a popup menu entitled “Language”, I’m a sucker to see the list of languages that an application supports.  The usual ones are there – English, French, Danish, … and then I noticed something that caught my attention.  “LOLCATZ (BETA)”

You know that I had to give it a try.  After all, LOLCATS.COM is always a spot to go for a pick me up if you need a chuckle or two.  I saved the setting and look what happens to the Settings page.


Could I live in this environment?

Well, perhaps for a while anyway.

I spent most of my Twitter time in Hootsuite anyway.

At the least, it brought me a smile.

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2 thoughts on “Lolcatz

  1. It’s now 3pm and I check Twitter to find that LOLKATZ is gone as a language. I’m so disappointed! I never thought I’d say thing but plain English is actually kind of boring! Let’s hope that LOLKATZ returns.


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