Reading in the Public Domain

What student doesn’t have access to something that will allow them to read an eBook on the go these days?

Whether it’s a phone, a PDA, a computer, a tablet, there’s always a way to read.  Of course, there’s a library where they can check out a traditional book and many contemporary libraries are making eBooks available, but here’s another option.

Aunt Lee (who says she has a lot of opinions) has a wonderful website devoted to pulling together the best of the free.  You can’t beat free.

Poke around and you’ll even find reading lists of these free gems.  Here’s a snippet from the Secondary School collection.

Not into reading lists, use the search engine powered by a Custom Google Search Engine at the site.

If you’re in charge of your school’s library wiki, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re linking here.  You never know when your students are bored and looking for a good book to read.

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