American Idol or How Long Does It Take to Write a Blog Post

Last night was night two of American Idol for this week so that got me out of the television room to the computer room.  I cranked on E Street Radio and checked my blog to get rid of the spam that had accumulated that day and started to write the Friday post “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”.  Of all the blog posts that I write, this one typically takes the longest to write.  I’ve got some notes from some of the blogs that I’ve read this week and I open up the Ontario Edubloggers Livebinder and then get at it.  For this evening, I’m running Windows so I open Windows Live Writer and begin.

When I’m done, I double check to make sure that the post is scheduled to go live for 5am and then post it.  Once it’s in the WordPress environment, I’ll add the tags and related stories.  It was then, as I’m proofreading, I notice this.


I use Feedjit to give me an idea of the last 10 visitors to the blog.  You can always check it in the right column of any blog post.

I look at it and notice a few things….

  • Somehow, my IP address is associated with Trenton.  That’s interesting in itself;
  • Nobody had visited the blog between the time I started writing the post and finished it ;-( (I guess everyone was watching American Idol)
  • Google had visited (Doug lives in his own fantasy world);
  • Then, it’s visitors from Peterborough, San Jose, Tokyo, Medicine Hat, Columbus, and Scottsdale.

But, most importantly, it took me 51 minutes to get started, preview my notes and select the blog posts I want to feature, write the post, proofread the post, upload the post, proofread it again, use the WordPress proofreader, and then add the tags and related stories.  I think this is actually the first time that I’ve stopped to think about how long it takes to write a post.  I hand all the credit to Feedjit and to no visitors!


8 thoughts on “American Idol or How Long Does It Take to Write a Blog Post

  1. I try not to time how long it takes to write a blog post. I’d like to think it takes no time at all. Of course I know better. My Monday morning links post takes me a good bit of time. I got though a similar process as you do and like you I have a lot of notes to go through. But I enjoy the process and that makes it worth doing.


  2. Alfred! Good to hear from you. How badly did you get hit with snow? To be honest, this was the first time that I actually thought about how long it took to do a post. Usually, I’m flipping through tabs doing a bunch of other things at the same time.


  3. Nice to hear about the process behind the finished product we see each week, Doug! Appreciate your commitment to and support of Ont. edublogs/bloggers always! I don’t watch Idol either. I will try to click on your blog when I know that it is on next time 🙂


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