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On Monday, I had blogged about Penny Wise which focused on the end of the Canadian Penny and included a link to a CBC quiz that tested one’s knowledge about pennies.  It was also the start of second semester in Ontario Secondary Schools.

At the time, @pbeens thought that this might be a nice icebreaker activity for his semester two classes.  And, in fact, he went ahead and did it.  He shared the results with me this morning and indicated that I was free to use them.  I was really curious as to how his students did so eagerly went to the Google Spreadsheet that he had shared with me.

Here’s how they did.  Remember that the quiz had 10 questions.  This penny pincher scored 8 out of 10



Now, I’m not totally convinced that I know the rules surrounding the activity.  I know that they were divided into groups to work on the quiz and that they were encouraged to use their internet research abilities to try to get the answers.

There are lots of conclusions that could be drawn from the data.  It looks like he’s got a bunch of high flyers in Grade 10 and his split class in Grade 11/12 is pretty consistent.

Hopefully, the students had a good time doing their research and I’m sure that it gave Peter some time to observe and see what the future holds for these classes.

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