Penny Wise

Well, today’s the day.  The penny in Canada is being phased out.  Read about it here on the Royal Canadian Mint site or I’ll bet every newspaper in the country.

To celebrate the value of the penny, the CBC has an interactive quiz that tests your knowledge.

2013-02-03 13.19.50

“Penny on Mac Keyboard” by Doug Peterson

See what you know about the penny by taking the quiz.

Test your knowledge of the penny before its Monday demise

There’s some interesting trivia to be had in this short 10 question quiz.  I was amazed and wondered just how the heck I remembered some of those things.  Others, I knew right away and, honestly, I guessed on a couple of others.

Here’s my result.

How did you do?

How’s that for a quicky activity for students today.  Then, it’s off to something a little more significant – like rounding or truncating numbers.  Make sure you do it!  How many times do you get to teach a valuable life skill on the very day that it kicks in!

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