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Scooping Policy

One of the most painful of all administrative tasks is trying to find something written in educational policy.  My superintendents were good about photocopying any PPM (Policy/Program Memorandum) and sending it to me so that we could be in total compliance with any directions.  I would read/skim and then three-hole punch and they would go into a collection of green binders on my bookshelf.  They would sit there until I need to make reference to something.  I knew it was there – just had to find it!

After a while, I would realize that I was amassing a good collection of history and do a little periodic weeding when you get a new memo that supersedes a current one.  It’s actually a great deal of work.

Now, I’m a long time! user with my collections of QR Codes and Ontario Edubloggers being the! pages that I manage the most.  It’s a handy environment to work within and having the shortcut sitting in my bookmarks bar makes adding resources a piece of cake when I find something I wish to curate.! is also good enough to let you know when one of your friends starts a new collection in case you’re interested or you wish to tap into resources that others have found.

It was today that I got an announcement that Tom D’Amico (@TDOttawa) had created a new topic.  It had an interesting title – Human Resources and Education Law.  In some corners, that would be the sort of thing you’d take a look at if you were having difficulties falling to sleep.  In other corners, the topics are nice to have on hand just the moment you need it.  I know of at least three administrative assistants who would drag the big binders to meetings “just in case”.  I really like Tom’s concept!  If the documents are available online, why not cobble them all together?

After all, the resources are on the web and there are iOS and Android applications for it.  Why wouldn’t you just have it all in one spot?


Now, I’m not real fussy about the topic of the scoops at the top of the list but it’s the law as foisted upon education.

But, I do like the concept.  Why not use the tools available at your disposal to make life easier?  It’s a great deal easier than lugging binders and binders of policy around.  Kudos, Tom.

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