Learn to Play Guitar

Perhaps your New Years’ resolution is to learn how to play the guitar.  That’s an admirable goal.  Here’s how to do it online.

Getinstinct is your online tutor.

Register to create an account and you’re ready to start learning.

The learning is interestingly interactive.  You can play with your own guitar or the onscreen virtual guitar.

When you’re playing with your own, the program uses your built-in microphone to listen to what you’re playing.

As you work your way through the tutorials, they’re presented in small learnable chunks.  Feedback is immediate and you really are encouraged to work your way through things.  At the time of this writing, I had worked my way up to the Mexican Hat Dance.

So, if learning to play guitar or just to meddle with some music, give Instinct a shot.

Resources like this are really dedicated to the life long learner in all of us.  You’re not along in your learning.  Check out the scoreboard to see how you stack up against all the other learners.




  1. Given the dearth of classroom music instruction these days in elementary, I will certainly pass this on to my students (no instrumental at my school this year as we do not have the staffing to share my French load so I can teach it). Might give it a shot myself. Thanks, as always.


  2. Hmmm… as a musician (amateur at best) and former guitar teacher, I TOTALLY see this being useful in classes as well as for the masses. That these kinds of resources are available and free is so cool. I have played with an app called Rock Prodigy (http://www.rockprodigy.com/) that does a similar thing. It’s a wonderful time to be a learner!


  3. As I was messing around with this, I thought of you and your guitar, Colin. Small world! I didn’t know that you were a former teacher though. Cool.


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