My Year

I thought that this was pretty cool and decided to share it.  Twitter has partnered with Vizify to bring this to us.

Vizify has created an online application that will give you a neat little summary of your year on Twitter.  Just head to the Vizify site and use your Twitter account to get the ball rolling.  Vizify will then work its way through your interactions and creates a multipage infographic devote to things about YOU.

I had to give it a shot and was impressed with the layout and the content that it selected brought back fond memories of the past year.

So, here’s my Year on Twitter – my Golden Tweet was a reference to a local newspaper editorial and my Golder Follower is SRAM who monitors my blog and posts about it every morning.

The infographic is actually seven pages long and, from the menu, you can select what interests you.

I thought the section about what I “Say a Lot” was interesting.  It’s totally accurate that gives top stories, I use FollowFriday to promote great Ontario educators, and the things that I bookmark to Diigo get posted as OTR Links.

If you’re interested in more, my complete details are located at:  But, chances are you’re not that interested about ME and want to check out YOU.  So, go for it.

When you’re done, just remember that you’ve allowed Vizify access to your Twitter account.  If you’re comfortable with that, do nothing but I would suggest that it’s good practice to go into your apps settings and revoke access once you’re done.  If you’re using Twitter with a classroom, I could see this being a really interesting catalyst for some discussions as you head towards the holidays.

Have fun.


7 thoughts on “My Year

  1. Vizify produces a very cool timeline of my tweet history! It;s interesting to see what & when I shared over the past year.

    Unfortunately, when I try to produce the infographic I’m getting an error, perhaps because the traffic from your blog has overloaded their site! (I’ll give it a few hours and try again)

    Thanks for sharing this Doug!


  2. Omigosh!! Just eye-ballin’ your infographic- you’re incredibly consistent! It’s a mystery to me how educators find the time to do this (the online networking) at such a deep level of engagement. Dang it, I shall find a way!!!

    Oh, and thanks for sharing. It was fun, with just a tad bit of creep-factor in how my Twitter-actions were so transparent. Not only that, I thought I had been more active than I actually was!


    1. I think that it’s a matter of fit. My experience has been that not everyone jumps at everything but periodically there’s something that just hits the sweet spot and away they go. The more that it encourages deeper thinking and analysis, the better.


  3. Hey Peter, Arwa of Vizify here. I just emailed you re: your bio.

    Doug, thanks so much sharing with your readers. Let me know if I can help with anything.


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