For Today…

I normally blog in the evenings for posting the next morning.

It’s Friday night and, because of the events of today, I’m just not feeling the urge to do so.

I also recognize that you lose when you allow your patterns to be changed by an event like this.

My friend, Angela Maiers, shared this document today.  I’m going to pass it along.  Please read it and share it where appropriate.

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Angela also wrote a wonderful post for parents and teachers alike to read.
There Is No Lesson Plan For Tragedy – Teachers YOU Know What To Do


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One thought on “For Today…”

  1. I found Angela’s posts last night, and they gave me a measure of peace. Outlined events briefly to my two this morning. This is difficult with mine because older small boy is particularly sensitive to this sort of news. We will have lots of hugs and cuddles today.


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