The One, er, Two Million Tweet Map

If you’re looking for something to demonstrate Twitter in action, go no further than the One Two Million Tweet Map.

This is a very interesting implementation of just what can be done when you mix content from the Twitter API with a mapping application.

The application watches Twitter and maps the latest Twitter messages on a world map.

There are some settings that make for even more interesting monitoring.  Try filtering on a keyword or a hashtag.

The results appear live as they happen – showing individual Twitter messages, or when they appear in the same areas, as clusters.

Click on a Twitter message or a cluster to zoom in on an area.  As I play with this, this is what’s happening in the last few minutes in a part of Toronto.


Since the results are live, this is a very real view of the mechanics of Twitter working.

It’s addictive – be prepared to play around with it for quite a while.

Could you or your students use this to generate your own infographic?

If you’re looking for another example of geographic privacy, post a Twitter message and see if you can find it.  How close to your home office or classroom did the program come?

The navigation is a little different – you navigate by zooming in and out of a message or a cluster but once you get that, it’s easy to catch the details.

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