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When Counters Fail

My friend Andy and I have played DrawSomething for a long time.  How long, I don’t recall.  Perhaps he does and will add it in to the comments below.  We lived through the acquistion by Znyga and were pleased when they extended the number of games.  The new limit of 999 seemed to be unreachable.

Until this week.

It was a target that I don’t think I’d ever intended to reach but it just sort of creeped up on us.

So, what next?

Well, we do play the game as just a way to stay in touch and also make social commentary when it’s necessary.

And yet, there’s still the counter thing…what to do?

Roll your own, that’s what!

Here’s his Robin.

And here’s my recollection of the TTC Subway Map.  I stared at that thing so many times making the underground trip across Toronto.

You’ll notice that DrawSomething has pooped out at 999 but we’re keeping out own scores when we remember.  Andy’s definitely better that I am for remembering.

Anyway, we’re good to continue and if Zynga ever decides to expand the upper limit, we’ll be good to go and will let them know what number to set us to.

Any other DrawSomething fans out there?  How are you handling the 999 limit?


3 responses to “When Counters Fail”

  1. So glad I have you and Andy around to keep me clued in. Last night, a friend was playing Draw Something as we watched our kids at archery. She’s at 127, and is most intrigued to hear what happens as you guys roll on into the 1000’s.


  2. Wait, where’s dundas! And st. Patrick? And really, if I can’t get off at Museum, why am I on this thing anyway?


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