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Of course, Alfred

Yesterday, my friend Alfred Thompson threw this Twitter message by me…

Now, I know that he doesn’t get it.  When we’re together at events like the CSTA Symposium, he just doesn’t understand it when I complain loudly that I long for a good cup of coffee.

But still, he felt compelled to run this Twitter message by me.

Half an hour later, I felt strangely compelled to have a cup of coffee to accompany me on a dog walk.  I have three options in Amherstburg – two formal Tim Horton’s shops and the one at the local Walmart.  I just had to check-in at the Tim Horton’s on the way to the Navy Yard.

I’ve still got it!

However, I do wonder about the original assertion from the @stats_canada so I’ve got a query in to the account.  I might find it more believable if the statement was “1 in 3 Canadians using FourSquare is a Mayor at a Tim Horton’s”.  Regardless, it keeps the misconception alive.

I wonder to any Canadian readers here – are you a FourSquare mayor at a Tim Horton’s?

For any non-Canadians or Americans not fortunate enough to have one in your neighbourhood and are wondering what the heck is going on, click here.

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5 responses to “Of course, Alfred”

  1. What an interesting question, Doug.

    As someone who started “playing” FourSquare just for the heck of it (and who now plays just for the heck of it, but much less frequently), I can say that at one time, I was the first mayor at most of the Tim Horton’s around here. I think we have seven locally, and I recall entering quite a few of them into the app and then re-visiting them to get the requisite second check-in and initial mayor spot. I think I recall doing the same for one in Trenton, and another somewhere between here and Toronto.

    However, as you know, I’m not a coffee drinker (nor do I go in much for donuts), so those initial mayoral positions were gradually taken over by others with more of a craving for those kinds of things. But it was fun to play at the time and help put some of the more obvious locations on the FourSquare map.

    Here’s a screen capture from my FourSquare app (taken just now) regarding my favorite (and most consistent) check-in location.


    1. “Playing” is a good term, Andy. Of course, I had to hit the bridge and the 401 paint test strips when I was in Belleville. Just a bit of trivia, I ran into another set of paint strips on Highway 69 or 400 on the way to Sudbury this past month.


  2. Of course part of my problem is that I don’t drink coffee. 🙂 I have been a “Mayor” of a local Dunkin Donuts but that was for donuts not their coffee (which I am told is quite good). Dunkin Donuts is probably as common around my part of North America as Tim Horton’s is in yours.


    1. I find it amazing that a programmer doesn’t drink coffee. I guess working on projects must have been motivating enough for you, Alfred! Thanks for sending that message along – it was fun to blog about something a lot less heady for a change!


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