Little Help Needed Here

Yesterday, I was reminded that sometime smart alec remarks don’t come through well electronically.  Andrew Campbell had been promoting one of his most recent blog posts “Why Khan Academy is The Wrong Answer“.   He had sent a Twitter message and included the hashtags #BCEd, #abed, #SaskEd, #ManEd, #OntED, and #CanEd.

As I saw the message, I thought of two things…

First, he has started on the west coast and worked his way east and secondly, it’s too bad that Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario didn’t use the two letter province code to make some real estate available for Twitter message limits of 140 characters.

I also noted that he had stopped at Ontario which brought us at least part of the way across the country.

This was fodder for me.  I replied asking about the rest of the provinces and territories and just made up some hashtags as suggestions.

Unfortunately, Andrew took me seriously and sent out a second Twitter message advertising his blog post.


Gulp.  Time to confess…  The verified hashtags in all of this were:

  • #CanEd
  • #BCEd
  • #ABed
  • #SaskEd
  • #MBedu
  • #OntEd

I figured that it would be well worth the time to determine if there are other provincial educational hashtags for the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut territories.  It would be good information to know.

Off I went.  I found a couple of promising looking hashtags that include at least some educational materials but certainly not boatloads.

  • #NSEd – from a message from the NS Teachers’ Union
  • #nbed – from a message from Jacques Cool.  Also refers to #ecnb and #francosud

So, I’m turning this post into a plea for information.  Are the above generally accepted by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick educators?  If not, what is?  Also, how about Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut?  It would be nice to know if there are local hashtags.   Certainly everyone would be encouraged to also use #CanEd.

Little help readers?


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5 thoughts on “Little Help Needed Here”

  1. #CanEd has been mostly abandoned in favour of #CDNed as we were having hashtag wars with the S & M crowd, which we most definitely wanted to avoid. Please try and let people know that they should check out the #CanEd hashtag to see why using it is a bit of an issue. Also #cdned more closely matches #cdnpoli which thousands of people use to discuss Canadian politics.

    I’ve not seen any hashtag use east of Ontario, but I’ll certainly add #EduQc to my mental list of hashtags.

  2. That’s the downside of hashtags, David. During #ECOO12, we ended up with it getting hijacked by spammers. I was using my scripts to come up with ECOO Twitterers and ended up having to do it manually.

  3. I often feel bad for leaving other provinces out when I include more than my own. Good seeking, Doug! Had to chuckle about Andrew’s quick uptake 🙂

    We steered away from using the shorther #oned for Ontario when the band One Direction became popular and claimed #OneD

    I will look forward to updates/confirmations on this.

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