I had a great learning experience yesterday!

In my reading, I stumbled across this post from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning titled “7 GREAT BIBLIOGRAPHY AND CITATION TOOLS FOR STUDENTS“.  I thought that it would be worthy of sharing and so sent the link to Twitter.  From there, it would end up in my Diigo stream since I have Packratius looking for links.  Done!

Not so fast there linky boy.

Later on in the afternoon, I got a message from  It was simple and to the point…


Hmmm.  Was this spam?  Probably not.  How many spammers would take the time to design such a spiffy logo!  I checked out the actual Twitter account and was intrigued by the descriptor.  “Hi were new. We aim to help harvard reference haters. Please give us a go at our website. There is a video demoing it. Big Thanks #refr”  (I did send a message about the missing apostrophe)

Looks legit so I thought I’d check it out.  Here’s their video.

The system looks so easy to use.  Just paste a URL into their form and submit – no registration required.  I can do that.  Copy and paste the above URL generates the following.


With the reference for your bibliography being:

refritofficial, 2012. Refr it – Harvard referencing made easy. Available from: [Accessed 13th November 2012]

The next step was to determine just what “Harvard References” were.  The term was new to me – I was familiar with MLA, APA, Turabian and Chicago.  Checking the colourful language on the timeline shows the “love” that people have for Harvard References so I can see that there would be a demand for a service like this.  I found a pretty comprehensive list of examples here.  I can see the source of the messages.

I guess the original list of seven could use an additional reference!

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