My Two Favourite Ubuntu Blogging Tools

I don’t always blog using Ubuntu and I don’t always blog using a blogging client instead of using the web or in a browser.  But, when I do, there are two tools that I use and really like.

But when I do, I use Blogilo and Shutter.

Shutter is a really handy full featured screen capture tool.  It’s got your typical options for what to grab with both simple and advanced interfaces.  

One of the features that I find particularly helpful is the ability to zoom in after you’ve selected an area.  Sure, you could and probably should before taking the shot but planning isn’t always in the books for me!  Another helpful feature is to be able to capture the cascading menu from a particular application.  Invaluable if you’re creating instructions for others.

Once you’ve grabbed an image, it’s always nice to be able to edit it before you put it into production.  As you’ll see below, Shutter features a pretty complete set of editing tools.

For the most part, I’ll just save the image in my Pictures folder for later use.  But the Export Option gives you the option to save to all kinds of places.  The joy of working with Ubuntu is learning about all the places in the world that I’d never heard of before.

So, now that you have your images, how to include them in a blog post?

That’s where Blogilo comes in!

Under Windows, I’ve been a big fan of Microsoft’s Live Writer.  When I’ve gone to the Ubuntu side of this computer, I didn’t have that software and either go to the WordPress website or use Scribefire in the Chrome Browser.  I was actually quite happy doing it this way until I got curious about standalone blogging editors.  I did some digging and Blogilo had folks raving about it as a browser so I went to the Software Center and grabbed myself a copy.

I’m so glad that I did.

Coming from Live Writer, the interface was just so natural.

A configuration during initial setup indicated support for WordPress and I never looked back.

A fully decked out toolbar gives me everything that I typically use.  It was off to write my first post.

The two of these packages have made me a very happy camper.  When I’m running Ubuntu and the blogging urge hits, these are my go-to tools.

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