The Best Conversation Today

Any conversation strand that generates two WTFs deserves a second look.

I know that we turned the clocks back yesterday but I thought it was only an hour.

You’ve got to see this for yourself.

I just hope that it was a conversation starter about stereotypes, but wow.

You’ve got to love the ingenuity for making more boxes because there weren’t enough for “Both”



  1. While my initial reaction to the assignment was dismay, I’m not sure exactly what to make of it without knowing the lesson context. I do find the limited feedback troubling mostly because it APPEARS to focus on compliance rather than the student’s thinking, but then again, I’m still missing context. Interesting.


  2. Has anyone considered that perhaps this *is* a lesson about stereotyping and there is more to come after this worksheet?

    I would hate to be crucified in the social media like this if that were the case.

    Please, let’s all the facts and the context before mud-slinging like this.


  3. If you read my original post, you’ll see that I did wonder that. I’m not sure that’s the best way to address it though. The conversation continues today at the link above. He claims to have thousands of replies and RTs.


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