Catching Up with ECOO 2012

I made it home from the ECOO Conference in Richmond Hill this morning.  The normal 4.5 hour took two days.  4 hours got me through the bumper to bumper slow-moving traffic and I finally threw in the towel and spent the night in Woodstock.

Driving home, I did smile at the people who told me that the drive from London to Windsor is boring.  I rather enjoyed it.  Even this morning, there was huge traffic that finally cleared at London and it was smooth sailing to Windsor.  Along the way, I totally enjoyed looking at the fall corn and soy bean fields; looked at the rural farm buildings and just admired the hard-working efforts of the farmers.  It was a far cry from the white knuckling of the 401!

As a member of a Conference Committee, you actually get to enjoy much of the conference.  You’re forever fretting that everything will go well, checking to make sure that presenters are good to go, and giving directions.  In between that, you’re talking with friends – I met so many new people and the worst thing will be seeing them again next year and having to sneak a peek at the nametags to get their names right.  I also curated the ongoing information slideshow that never seemed to be done.  “Doug – I need you to add this right away…”  Plus, if you’re going to do a shoutout to some people during the morning routine, you better make sure that you know that they’re “in the house” so that you don’t look really stupid.

My pal @royanlee was in the house

There were just so many sessions that were offered.  Even if I was focused and attended something every timeslot, I wouldn’t have been able to attend them all.  Thankfully, there’s social media.

Looking for things, I realize that I can follow the conference hashtag #ECOO12 and there are links and references to individual sessions.  The Facebook group that was created is another resource.  But, the very best place is the Lanyrd website.  Thankfully, many of the presenters have posted their presentations, videos, and other resources there.  It’s not the same as being there in person but it’s a good second.

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