Simple Needs

I really do have simple needs.  It just drives me crazy when I can’t fulfill them easily!

Case in point…the background on my phone.

Like many people, I think, I like to customize my electronic devices.  One of the first things that many people do is put a custom background on their device.  It might be a picture that you’ve taken or any of the images that come with the device or some of the animated images that come with it or just by grabbing an image that you might find on the web.  I had used the animated windmill for a while.

Then, I realized that with the nice bright sunshine at times it was difficult to find icons on my desktop.  I made the simple decision to go to a solid colour for the background.  Problem.  Where do you find it!  There are options for images, pictures, animations but I couldn’t find anything just for a solid colour.  Are we so hung up with photos that that’s all people want?

I’ll bet there’s an app for that.

Off I went to Google Play and I did a search for “colours”.  A little scrolling later (I should have searched for “colors”, I suppose) and there’s a good sounding application by Tim Clark called Colors.  The description sounded like it was exactly what I wanted.  The enjoyment put me over the top.

I expected to see the option for “green” or “red” or maybe a level 4 “burgundy”.  Instead, there’s “You Really Got Me”, “Mighty Slate”, “Kind Giant”, and seemingly hundreds more.  The simple task of finding a solid colour became one of reading to find the great names.

In honour of the little guy that hangs out at our house, I elected to start with “Mighty Slate”.  It was only then that I realized that the icons all had subtle drop shadows.  Somehow they got lost in the noise of some of the traditional choices.

It’s a little thing, to be sure.  I was really happy to find the application and it’s just so much easier to find things now.

Looking for something for the iPhone?  Check out this application.

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that put me over the top!

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