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Recently, my friend @alfredtwo let me know that I had made one of those lists.  This time it was the Top 55 Connected Educators and published by @mytowntutors.  Now, a lot of times these things are popularity contests or re-hashes of someone else’s blog post with a top 10 list or something.  Alfred and I kid each other when we stumble across a post like this.  This one was a bit different in that it actually uses an analytic for a name to be included.  Twitter Grader is from a commercial site that is devoted to help marketing businesses and looking at the reach of a Twitter account.

The danger when you create a “Top 10” list occurs when someone gets let off the list.  So, I first tested myself to see if it was true and then I checked Alfred and he, indeed, has a perfect score of 100 and should have made the list.  I guess you can’t please all the people all the time!

As I looked up and down the list, I recognized many of the names and was quite pleased that I’ve met many of them in person.  But, I was surprised that I was the only name from Ontario on that list.  That can’t be.  I wish there was a bulk upload feature for this because I’d really like to upload the Ontario Educator List 1 and 2 to see who else had a score of 100.  That would be helpful (and processor intensive on the host site) but it was nowhere to be found.  I was bored, just watching television, and decided to try out a few names.  I opened Hootsuite and went to the Ontario Educator columns and started to check out a few names.

I’m happy to say that I found some!  Here for public amusement and living proof that there are great Ontario Educators to follow on Twitter, I offer the following list in alphabetical order…  (sorry, Zoe)

  • avivaloca – Formerly @grade1. Went from 11 years of teaching K-2 to moving to Gr.6. Looking forward to this exciting new adventure! Ancaster ·
  • msjweir – I’m a high school English teacher who loves to geek out with technology! Also, a mommy to a beautiful little girl!ON, Canada ·
  • shannoninottawa – Mom, Wife, Elementary School Principal in Ottawa, Canada – playing around with learning out in the open every single day 🙂 Ottawa, Canada ·
  • thecleversheep – I am a teacher-learner-collaborator, eager to engage in conversations with other learners. Project-based learning and Creative Commons are always on my radar. Komoka, Ontario, Canada ·
  • zbpipe – Teacher at HWDSB and Instructor for Pre-Service Education at Brock University~ Always looking for innovative /engaging teaching methods; Always learning.Hamilton, Ontario ·

Didn’t make the above list?  Don’t despair.  I lost interest before I tested everyone on the lists!  While only a select few made the perfect 100 score, there were so many in the 80s and 90s.  I don’t care who you are – that’s good enough for anyone to pass an EQAO test.  You can do all kinds of other things at the site like find out who joined Twitter on the same day as you.  Or, just snoop around and see what the site says about your friends and followers.

You’ll want to check yourself out at the site.  If you end up with a great score, add it to the comments!

5 thoughts on “Perfect Ontario EduTweeters

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  2. I am honored to be an inspiration for your piece. (I think all teachers hope to inspire others as much as possible.) As you know the list is a work in progress. We know that we may miss some accounts, but once the perfect accounts are identified, we add them to a future post.

    Some have been critical of listing the number of followers, however we feel the more information a person has the better. When we first started out, we did rank the list by the number of followers from highest to lowest, however we do realized that twitter is not about the number of followers, but the quality of relationships and interactions.

    Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to look at these accounts. Have a great day!


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