Is it OK to be a Passive Blogger?

First of all…my sincerest apologies to those that subscribe to this blog via email.  You received my post yesterday with many uses of the word “cemetery” spelled as “cemetary”.  Then, later on, my friend @pbeens let me know that I’d screwed up using the dreaded “it’s” instead of “its”.  Gasp.  This is all so bad. Continue reading “Is it OK to be a Passive Blogger?”

OTR Links 09/11/2012

Beyond the classroom walls: breaking down barriers with technology | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional “Excited by the potential of tech in class, Adam Webster explores how mobile, internet-connected devices allow teachers and students to make lessons international and collaborative experiences” tags: classroom walls breaking down barriers technology teacher network blog guardian professional ChicagoContinue reading “OTR Links 09/11/2012”