Blogging in RebelMouse


A while back, I had blogged with great excitement that I had received an invitation to RebelMouse.

I’m finding it really handy to review the great links and concepts that I’ve shared during the course of the day.  Just head over to the page and view what gets posted automatically for me as I share things via my Twitter account.  This is the handiest and easiest way of sharing the latest and most recent stories.


Here’s what it looked like just a second ago.  The most recent story that I had shared was Linda Aragon’s post about writing prompts for high school students.

But, look to the right.

Astute OTR readers will recognize this as a blog post from a couple of days ago titled “They ‘Get it’”.

The post was inspired by the article from VentureBeat.

RebelMouse has added a new feature to its wonderful product.  When you find a story, you can manually add it to your page AND blog about it right on the RebelMouse site.

Normally, RebelMouse pulls some text from the original article.  But, if you can do better or if you’d like to express some thoughts of your own with its simple set of blogging tools.


This is a very nice enhancement to the great service.

If you like the concept of the visual bookmarking feature PLUS the ability to comment or blog on articles, give this a shot.

Now, often the problem when you have a service like this is FIFO.  First In, First Out.  As new articles are posted, the older ones get shoved out the bottom.  Such is the nature of current stories.  But if you have written a good post and want to have it hang around for a while, RebelMouse lets you pin it to the page!  That’s why you’ll see my post here a couple of days later.

If you’re looking for a way to visually bookmark, you need to check out RebelMouse.  And, if you like to comment/blog about this as you post them, this is a feature you’re going to like.