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Socially Gearing up for the ECOO Conference

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s annual conference is fast approaching.  Ontario (and other) educators will gather in Richmond Hill for this big event.

Registration is open and available here.

The keynote addresses by John Seely Brown, Norah Young, and Michael Fullen promise to get your mind thinking about what it means to be an educator in the year 2012.  Surround this with educators sharing what they’re doing and a big exhibition hall makes this an event not to be missed.

Run by educational volunteers for educators, there should be much to appeal to everyone’s interest in the use of technology in the classroom.

The hashtag for the event will be #ECOO12 and people are already using it to discuss things leading to the event.

A Facebook group has also been created so that folks can talk about the various professional learning sessions to be enjoyed.  All of the sessions are available for preview on lanyrd.

In many cases, social media kicks in at the event.  It’s great to see what people are learning at the event and to gauge the enthusiasm for what’s happening.

It’s interesting to see what happens when the social kicks in a month before the event.  If you’re going, why not chip in your thoughts and perhaps let the world know what sessions will interest you.  After all, all the sessions are available now for your review.

With over a month remaining until the conference, join us and let us know that you’ll be there.  What sessions are you planning to attend?  Get some ideas and thoughts out in the open so that your presenters know where your interests lie.


We all would love to hear from you; let’s use the social to the best of our abilities so that when we gather in Richmond Hill, we can hit the ground running.


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