They “Get It”

I really like this story.

Teen founders launch Hallway, a homework helper for high-school students

In a world where school districts, schools, teachers, administrators and parents continue to debate and wonder about the value of social media, the landscape is scattered with what could be opportunities for learning.  In some places, it’s embraced, in others it’s grudgingly accepted, in others it’s totally blocked.

Where there’s a need, though, there are often thinkers trying to find a solution.

Hallway is an answer to questions that are often asked.

  • I don’t understand;
  • I need help organizing myself;
  • I know we were taught in class, but I still don’t get it;
  • I was sick on a particular day and there’s a gap in my understanding;
  • I’m doing my homework and need some help.

Learning is best accomplished when it’s social and you can work with your peers.  That’s the premise behind Hallway.  This is a startup that has huge potential.  Embraced properly, it could be that extra set of hands, that translator, that personalizer that you’ve always wanted in your classroom.

Will you accept it?


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