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This is going to be a blog post that includes reference to Formula 1 so I know that @Ron_Mill has moved on from reading the post but it will eventually have an educational reference.

I was having a chat back and forth with my friend @tk1ng, another Formula 1 racing fan.  This weekend, the racing resumes after their August holiday at the Spa-Francorchamps track.  In this track, there’s an incredible change of elevation with some twists at the curve known at Eau Rouge.  When you’re watching it on television, it’s impressive but it’s difficult to get a sense of what taking the curve at over 300 km/h is like.

From the dark recesses of my mind, I could come close thanks to the joy of YouTube and YouTube Doubler.  There’s a camera mounted so that you can see the entire action as a car speeds up the hill.  The track at Spa isn’t just used for Formula 1 and so there is footage of other series that run here.

Exhibit A:

One such series is the 911 Cup.  Now, these cars are no slouches.  Here’s video of these cars taking the curve.

Exhibit B:

But wait, here’s the same portion of track taken by Formula 1 cars.

Did you see that?  Both captured in real time.

But let’s raise the bar a bit.  YouTube Doubler is a fabulous utility that will let you play two YouTube videos side by side so that you can do a direct comparison.

See the videos side by side here.

Imagine using this in the classroom.  You’ve got a couple of videos that you want to discuss, compare, or contrast.  Why not use YouTube Doubler so that you can see them both head to head?

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