Truffles for Financial Literacy


In Grades 4 through 8, Ontario students and teachers address expectations dealing with financial literacy.  In the Ministry document, there are some suggestions about how to integrate the literacy concepts across all subject areas.  To spice things up, you can’t beat a good simulation and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure fits the ticket nicely.

This simulation/game is all online and your bank is your personal piggy bank that follows you through all of the activities.  Start with a single game or in small groups of up to four users.  Choose your character and you’re off!

Of course, any financial planning involves setting goals and so you choose your goal right off.  The currency is truffles and you can’t eat them so you’re good to go.  As you earn truffles, they get plunked into your piggy bank and you move on through your virtual world, very nicely drawn.

Roll a die and your character moves along the path to adventures where there are financial activities and decisions ahead of you.

One of the options is Choose or Lose.  Various random things happen as you play the game.  You’ll need to make decisions along the way.  The results may generate truffles for you or cost you to be a player.  Some of the activities deal with being a good citizen.  I like how that is woven through the game.

You do have opportunities to spend your truffles along the way.  The developers also have build in some smile generation activities for the teacher like the “Howl of Inflation”.

I easily had some success playing the game because, as my kids will tell you, I’m the ultimate in frugal at times and my tendency was to cheap out when faced with decisions.  The alternatives to spend are there and I could see students balancing fun with saving.  In groups, I’m sure that it would generate lots of discussion.

In addition to Choose or Lose, quizzes pop up after some moves to test your financial decision making.  As you’ll see above, not only can you save your truffles, but also dig a little deeper investigating the topic at hand.

Eventually, you’ll reach the end of the path.  If you’ve made wise decisions along the way….

And also collect some badges showing your achievements.  A little video game action between the simulations brings a little pure play into the process but you can’t play unless you get through the level successfully.

You can play the game in an entire setting or create a Disney account to save progress rather than start from scratch next time.

If you’re looking for an interesting simulation for your financial literacy section, bookmark it and check it out.



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