Fun with Lists


There’s a lot to be said about Twitter lists.  It’s a great way to organize and categorize those you follow by category.  There are even services that will create one for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.  When you use a Twitter client that lets you browse lists, you can quickly zero in or particular themes or discussions.  I take pride in curating the Ontario Educators List ONE and TWO.  The lists are public and can be helpful for others trying to locate the same type of Twitter user.  If you’re an Ontario and not on either list, you can add yourself at the form located here.

There’s another side to this.  At times, people will add you to their lists.  This can be interesting to investigate.  What people do others think are like you that perhaps you should be following yourself?  These are public lists that others are curating.  What categories have they put you in?  To find out, go to your Twitter profile page, click on lists, and then toggle to Lists you’re a member of.

Recently, I went looking at mine and found some interesting lists that I’ve been assigned to.  Here are some of them and my thoughts about the lists…



Remember that as interesting as lists are to create and follow – these lists are of people following you!

What interesting lists are you a part of?


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