Competitiveness builds features, lowers prices

I'm writing this blog post on my Sony machine booting into Ubuntu.  Blogging today on a Macintosh computer just wouldn't feel right. The news was flooded with stories about the Apple / Samsung lawsuit today and I found the reading interesting.  I suppose that ultimately this is a good thing for Apple but I suspect … Continue reading Competitiveness builds features, lowers prices


OTR Links 08/26/2012

Inquire — An Intelligent Textbook "A prototype of an intelligent textbook that answers students’ questions, engages their interest, and improves their understanding. " tags: textbook ebook iPad inquire ebooks textbooks education Maps for Kids - LiveBinder Collections of maps for the classroom tags: maps geography livebinder resources social_studies Livebinders Teens Get Math Help at Alleyoop … Continue reading OTR Links 08/26/2012