A Photography Revelation…

…at least for me…

Often, I’m the last to know these things so if I should have know this a long time ago, please rub it in my face.  If it’s something that I’ve added to my iPad that brings out this feature, please let me know too.

I don’t take a lot of pictures with my iPad.  I feel kind of goofy holding up a tablet to take a picture but there are times when it’s the only tool at hand and so I use it.  Here’s a picture of Lee and Sachi LeFever from an RCAC Symposium.

I happened to be in their breakout session and wanted a picture to remember the moment and the iPad was the only tool at hand.  So, you hold on to it carefully on the left edge and tap the shutter button on the screen to take the picture.  It’s a tenuous balance and you have to tap lightly to avoid moving the iPad and blurring the image.  More importantly, I have to remind myself to hold onto the iPad with both hands for safety.

I’ve often wondered how picture taking goes in the hands of the youngest of students.  I can see how easily it could be dropped.

So, there are times when the iPad is at hand and makes a great tool for that quick image.  More often than not, my picture taking is limited to that of the dog in the rec room doing something silly that I want to share with the family.

The other day, he was doing something photo-worthy so I grabbed the iPad to take a picture.  I don’t know if I had been laughing or had too little coffee, but the iPad slipped from my hands as I was about to take the picture.  Fortunately, I was able to grab it before it hit the floor but, in so doing, my right hand grabbed the volume button on the right side of the screen and I heard the camera picture taking sound.  Whaaaa?

It took a picture.  I had to confirm this so I aimed at the dog again and pressed the volume up button and sure enough it took the picture again.  Again, again, and again.  Like it was planned.  I had no idea.

Was this something that I should have known?  Please let me know?

Other than it being a far less shaky way to take a picture because both hands firmly hold the device in place, it makes so much sense for students taking pictures.  You get a really solid grip on the iPad while taking the picture.

I wonder how many pictures I missed taking because I didn’t know this!


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