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This Week in Ontario Edublogs


It’s time for a little Friday roundup of some of the best reads from posts from Ontario Educators.  It’s not an easy time to stay focused for Ontario Educators so kudos to the bloggers that get past all that’s going on and to stay the course in the great creating and sharing that happens to regularly

An Interview with Royan Lee

I did an interview with Royan Lee and he was kind enough to make reference to it on his blog.

So often, those of us who use technology are seen as one-dimensional by others.  That’s why I was all over a previous post from Royan about the Thinking Books that he uses with his classes.  If you read the entire interview, you’ll see that not only do those who use technology do so well, but that it’s strongly based in good practice.  We had a few people ask for permission to pass it along to their internal school networks.  It’s really not necessary since everything in this blog is licensed liberally with a Creative Commons license.  Royan gave a great interview and I hope that his words of wisdom can help others.  The post was cross-posted on

Why did Government House Leader John Milloy retract his Tweet?

If there’s any doubt that people are following and hanging on your every bit of social media presence, just do something out of the ordinary and see if someone notices.  Peter Beens reports a Twitter message from the House Leader that went missing in action.  Ontario educators especially are keeping tabs on anything political as it applies to collective agreements.  This is an interesting post as was Peter’s earlier one I’m Tired of the Propoganda.  In that post, Peter offered the best advice to parents.

Redefining “Team”

Amidst all the talk going on about Ontario education and Ontario teachers, something that seems to be missing is the professionalism of Ontario educators.  There are lots of great teachers doing great preparation for the new school year in September.  Even tougher are those who are dealing with new subjects or new grades.  Aviva Dunsiger is making a big move in grades this year and talks about the teammates that she has amassed over the summer to help her make the transition.  Don’t we all need a little help every now and again?

What seemed like a simple request…

These are the types of emails/phone calls that those of us who support others with educational technology just love to get.  So often, the calls are “I lost something” or “I forget how to do this” or “Where is my home drive”.  There’s a big difference between helping someone with an immediate, albeit urgent need that may require a couple of mouse clicks and helping someone develop a long range plan.  In this posting, Alana Callan shares her reactions and thoughts when she got that email.  It was great reading and it sounds like her floodgates opened to support her colleague.  Way to go, Alana.

I would encourage you to follow the links and read the complete posts.  There’s great reading to be had.  You can follow the entire collection of Ontario Edublogs at this link.



5 responses to “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

  1. Thanks for including my post among these great blog posts! I always enjoy this blog post that you do, as I always learn about some new posts to read or some new blogs to follow. This week is definitely the same! I’m off to read Alana’s and Peter’s blogs now. Thank you for giving me some great early morning reading. 🙂

    Happy Friday, Doug!


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