Much Better Than Cats

YouTube has an incredible selection of videos that can fit nicely into lesson plans, home study, visual presentation of content, and so much more.  For some students, this can also be a problem.  There are also videos of cats doing funny things and can sometimes hijack attention.  Anyone can create and upload a YouTube video.  What if there was a service that was moderated and searchable for only the good stuff.

There is.  It’s called Knowmia.

This is a new startup by the people that developed the Flip Camera.  The Flip Camera made video in the classroom easy and affordable.  It really was a game changer.  Times move on and most laptops or tablets come with their own cameras and Knowmia would like to be the place where you create, post, and share educational videos.

The service has three levels of access:  student, teacher, and parent with teacher being the only level that you can post content to.  According to their splash page, there are already 7000 videos in place.  You can get a feel for what the service can offer.  Visit the website and search for a concept.  You’ll be presented with results ready to preview right away.

In the screen capture above, I did a search for “Computer Science”.  The search isn’t quite perfect yet, I did have to wade my way through some content that was clearly not what I was looking for.  Of the 61 results in the area of technology, there were some interesting things and also a collection of tutorials for A+ training.

With your teacher accounts and students logged into your class, you’ll be able to assign video to your class.  Parents will also be able to get a flavour of what’s happening in the classroom by watching the video.  The service will only get better and more useful as the teaching masses buy into the concept and create all kinds of videos to support the curriculum.  As with all curriculum resources, careful preview of the content is necessary to make sure that you’re getting what you want.  If you’re an iPad user, there’s an app for that.  Download it from the iTunes store here.

This is definitely a site that you’ll want to check out to see if it fits.

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