#ELTChat – The Loss of ELTChat – Plan B

I read this post on Vicky Loras' blog this morning and am reblogging it as requested.  My additional thoughts appear below. For the last – well, almost two years now, since September 15 2010, #ELTchat has kept us on our toes and forged hundreds of professional and personal relationships amongst its followers who turn up … Continue reading #ELTChat – The Loss of ELTChat – Plan B


OTR Links 08/11/2012

BusyFlow "BusyFlow is a workspace that creates the easiest way for you and your team to collaborate and manage cloud apps. Sign up Watch video " tags: collaboration dropbox google cloud startup web2.0 aggregation github We-Wired Web Define automated tasks using over 50 popular web services. tags: web automated Classroom Management A pearltree of classroom … Continue reading OTR Links 08/11/2012