Don’t Hurt Yourself with Social Media

I absolutely read every comment that’s posted to this blog.  Often, it allows me to extend the conversation.  With any luck, I make sense but there are times when I’m wrong and get corrected.  Both are valuable experiences for me.  So, when Tim King commented on my “This Week in Ontario Edublogs“, I read itContinue reading “Don’t Hurt Yourself with Social Media”

OTR Links 08/05/2012

Babylon Translation application and Dictionary Tool “Text translation in a single click Dictionaries and Glossaries Cross-languages dictionary Built-in spell checker Available in over 75 Languages” tags: babylon translation application dictionary tool Early Learning: How To Tie A Shoe Is your child at that stage where they are learning to lace but still haven’t mastered tying?Continue reading “OTR Links 08/05/2012”