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I’m a Superstar

Well, at least in my own mind perhaps, and also in the mind of a utility called Tweetlevel.

I suppose that if anything that you do creates data, that data can be analyzed by some sort of metric.  In this case, the utility takes a Twitter ID and does a bunch of mysterious number crunching and gives you a ranking in four areas:  Influence, Popularity, Engagement, and Trust.

There are a number of utilities like this.  I don’t know how they would stand up to analysis but they are fun to muck about with.  You don’t have to log in; you just provide a Twitter ID and Tweetlevel does its thing.

So, based upon whatever it’s analyzing from my profile, here are my scores.

Think I fudged them?  You can go ahead and check out anybody’s Tweetlevel.  I wonder…

Earlier this week, I attended a meeting in Guelph with others on the ECOO Conference Communications Committee.  (as an aside, registration for the 2012 ECOO Conference is now open.  See the ECOO Site. )

I think pretty highly of the entire group of them and I was pleased to find that they’re all superstars too.  I didn’t really need software to tell me that though!


So, is everyone a superstar and the metrics are broken?  I checked it out with a user that I don’t hold in too much regard.  He’s no superstar!  The site does give suggestions for improvement but I doubt that he would even make the effort.

Probably more valuable for anyone, though, is the summary that goes along with your results.  A tag cloud of content; people who are "influenced" by you, people you "influence" and suggested users to follow.  More than a number, this provides some nice insight to your activities.

I could see this actually fitting nicely into a study of digital citizenship.  Try various IDs and see the results but, in particular, look at the suggestions for raising the scores on Tweetlevel.  So many of the suggestions would also help students become better online citizens.

It’s a fun little site to play with.  Take it seriously if you must but at least give it a try.  Try yourself – it’s in the same category of "Googling Yourself" and then try a few other Twitter IDs and see what turns up.  It’s Saturday; it’s the weekend; it’s time to just have a little fun.

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3 responses to “I’m a Superstar”

  1. Hey there! This is a very cool ‘diagnostic’ for tweeps. Thanx for including me in your ‘tweetlevel’ exploration!


  2. Tina Giannopoulos Avatar
    Tina Giannopoulos

    Fun, but when Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy are at 91.8% for trust, it makes me wonder.


  3. Aw, Tina, that sound you heard was my heart breaking!


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