He’s Back

Yesterday, @banana29 shared with me a post listing 22 Top Blogging Tools.  I was intrigued with the title and impressed with the list of tools.  I actually use some of them for my own writing.  As I was reading, I was impressed with the level of sophistication in the use of the tools.

I know that some people use various tools and it can be frustrating at times to see the sort of superficial use that is sometimes demonstrated.  You just hope that it gets better with time or that there is a use in the classroom or professional learning that just happens to elude you at the moment.  Perhaps one of the most use/abused of these tools is the humble Wordle.  I’ve seen really silly uses for it and I’ve seen it used incredibly well in the hands of a skilled language teacher.

As I was reflecting on this, I thought back to a blog that used to be part of my morning reading routine.  Quoteflections had always been a quick morning read that “stuck” all day long.  Author Paul Cornies pulls a couple of quotes daily, and shares some of his thoughts about the quote and then uses Wordle to visualize the quote so that it just sticks.  It’s a nice combination.

I noted earlier in this blog on an Ontario Edublogger piece that Paul had decided to pull the plug on his blog.  I was sad but understand the time commitment that being a daily blogger requires.  Paul likes to travel so I guess it made sense that the time wasn’t available.  It was with sadness that I went and added *** to the Ontario Edublogger Livebinder indicating that there wasn’t recent activity but hopefully more in the future.

As I thought about Alanna’s referral and got into a discussion with her, I thought that I’d flip over to Paul’s blog to use it as an example of a good use of web tools.  Guess what?   He’s back blogging again!  I felt bad because I had removed my daily visit from my morning routine.  I just felt bad**.  Did I miss a memo?  When did he start up again?

I flipped back through his blog and found his mind change in a post on July 14.  OK, so I missed it by 17 days.  As I read as I flipped, I see that he’s blogging with his usual sense of goodness.  In fact, is his posted dated today, he is indeed “Seeking Goodness“.

Quotes from William Soroyan, Kent Keith, and Nelson Mandela form the basis of his post.

This blog is such a welcome entry in the blogosphere.  Whether it be personal or classroom inspiration, this should be a morning source of reading for you.  Take a moment and join Paul at Quoteflections.

**From respect to Paul, an awesome English teacher, rather than firing from the hip, I checked to see if this should be “I feel bad” or “I feel badly”.  The explanation can be found here!

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