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Tracking Medals

Quick…how many medals has Canada won at the 2012 Olympics right now?  Yesterday, I was fortunate. I was at my friend @brendasherry‘s house and her family kept her up to date every time we won a medal and Brenda relayed the good news.

If you don’t have your own research team watching television and sharing the news, how would you know?

Well, one way, if you’re using the Google Chrome browser is to install the 365scores extension from the Google Chrome store.  Or, you could just go to the website 365scores manually but that’s not nearly as much fun!  (There is a Firefox add-on as well!)

This is the perfect extension for any sports fan – during setup you’ll identify your favourite teams and sports but right now, they’ve partnered with the 2012 Olympics to bring you the most up to date results.

The value doesn’t end when the Olympics end.  I plan to keep this around in my browser to stay on top of the Vikings, Canadiens, TIgers, …  I like the way that you get access to news stories and content from social media all in one spot.

I can assure you that it will be extensively references over the next couple of weeks!


One response to “Tracking Medals”

  1. And, a feature that I missed last night. 365scores pops up medal news as it happens. Canada just won Silver in men’s eight rowing.


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