This Week in Ontario Edublogs

  Another great week of reading from Ontario Edublogs.  Here's but a few of the things that caught my attention. John Seely Brown at PLP Live and #ECOO12 Peter Skillen shares his thoughts about the chance to hear from John Seely Brown.  He will be one of the keynote speakers at the ECOO Conference in … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs


OTR Links 08/31/2012

The Internet vs. Facebook in 10 Years [infographic] | Social Media Today "I recently stumbled across an interesting infographic as it made the rounds across the social web recently. Created by, the graphic visualizes the meteoric rise of the Internet in just 10 years. " tags: internet facebook infographic social social media media 14 … Continue reading OTR Links 08/31/2012

OTR Links 08/30/2012

Why a ‘mixed economy’ of digital devices is best for your educational institution. | "To my mind, being an ‘iPad-only’ school makes no sense. It’s replicating the Microsoft vendor lock-in all over again. Since when was school about teaching young people how to use particular types of devices?" tags: mixed economy devices institution com … Continue reading OTR Links 08/30/2012

OTR Links 08/29/2012

4 Fantastic Network Visualization Tools | Edelman Digital "The good news is that there already are some excellent free tools available which utilise ‘big data’ to understand the composition of networks, identify influencers and inform outreach. Here’s four such tools I’ve been using over the last couple of months:" tags: visualization tools 50 Little-Known Ways … Continue reading OTR Links 08/29/2012