Truth, Damned Truth, and Statistics

My apologies to Mark Twain.

WordPress has added some new widgets to the suite that may be dragged and dropped into place on your blog.  Of course, I was all over it to see what was new and how it could amuse me.  Or, at the least, inform me.  

Chances are, you might now be interested in the widgets that adorn this blog post and appear along the right side of this layout.  (I would hope that you do but I know that they don’t appeal to everyone).  It does add to the insights that I have about who is interested in what I’m posting.

To help with my informing, I’ve added three new widgets.  At least for the time being, they’ll provide some information for me.

Top Posts & Pages
It’s difficult to keep track of who is clicking on what.  This provides some idea of what’s currently appealing.  Interestingly, the Anti-Bullying post goes back to April.  Maybe that throws my theory of the importance of current posts for loop. 

Top Clicks
There’s nothing like having your blog as a portal to other places.  But, where are people headed once they leave this blog?  I know of at least one person who will be happen that the CSTA blog is the top destination! 

My Community
This is so valuable.  A blog is nothing without readers.  Those who comment or like things put it over the top.  Look at the “Community” of people that interact with the blog.  They’re the best.


Yes, I realize that my ego is behind this post, but hey.  

It is the truth and does provide some additional insight into the statistics of running the blog.  For that, I’m thankful.

OTR Links 07/30/2012

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